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Photos and drawings of buildings



The Lewis & Skinner archives contain a number of drawings and photos of buildings, usually with mockups of the proposed signwriting job. Sometimes these signs-to-be were hand drawn on paper, sometimes on layers of tracing paper on top of photos of the existing building, and occasionally painted or drawn with crayons. Some show quite a degree of skill, whilst others are more 'naive'.


But all these mockups provide a window into how these ordinary buildings looked 50 or 60 years ago, the kinds of businesses that people passed by or used every day. So they hold interest for us now - though the people who created them would never have imaged where they ended up!

Service stations

All the pix of service statinos in the archive, mostly conencted with the Vacuum Oil Company.

Milk bars and grocery shops

Images of milk bars and grocery shops. Most were painted with Cadbury signs, though there are others too: Medallion shoe polish, Crow tomato sauce and Robur tea.

Miscellaneous buildings

Images of buildings other than service stations and milk bars, including hardware shops and bike shops.